A Retired Roofer's Perspective - April 2022

Mon, Apr 04, 2022 at 11:00AM

Joe Byrne, FRSA President

I ran into a retired roofer the other day who asked me, “How’s everything going in the roofing industry?” As I looked at him, he reminded me of a friend of mine, Jerry Brown, who was a big coal tar pitch guy from back in the day. When you looked at him you could tell from his rough, wrinkled and tanned skin tone that he came from an era when, although you were the owner of a company, you worked alongside the men that you hired to work for you. I replied to the retired roofer, “Many challenges.” A lot of changes had taken place since he retired 40-plus years ago. Before I gave him an update, I said, “tell me about yourself.” He replied, “Well, I’m an old built-up guy, weaned on coal tar pitch and slag, not that ‘sissy stuff’ like shingles and wood. Read more.

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