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Steep Slope Underlayment Changes in the FBC 8th Edition Sat, Jul 01, 2023 Mike Silvers, CPRC, Owner, Silvers Systems Inc and FRSA Director of Technical Services Most of the underlayment requirements outlined in the new 8th Edition of the Florida Building Code (2023), other than those in the HVHZ (High Veloci... Read More

Avoiding the Landfill - The Recycling of PVC Roof Membranes Fri, Jun 23, 2023 Chemical Fabrics & Film Association, Vinyl Roofing Division IntroductionFor more than 50 years, durable, highly engineered, light-colored vinyl roofing membranes have cooled and protected buildings in climates around the world.&nbs... Read More

Mitigation and Inspections Forms - To Sign or Not to Sign Thu, Jun 15, 2023 Mike Silvers, CPRC, Owner, Silvers Systems Inc. and FRSA Director of Technical ServicesIt seems as though the requests for roofing contractors to attest to certain facts or opinions in writing continue to increase with each year. Whether it... Read More

Hurricanes and Storms Are Coming Wed, Jun 14, 2023 Robin Anderson, Technical and Strategy Development Manager, Westlake Royal Roofing SolutionsAs the Earth continues to warm, the effects of climate change become an increasing threat to homeowners in Florida. Among the concerns are hurricane... Read More

Concrete and Clay Roof Tile Adhesives Thu, Apr 13, 2023 Adrian Robledo, Director of Sales, Steep-Slope, ICP Building Solutions Group   From South Florida to the Panhandle and beyond, Floridians are choosing concrete and clay roof tile as more than just an attractive addition to a home&rsq... Read More

Tile Underlayment – Where We Are and How We Got Here Sun, Apr 09, 2023 Mike Silvers, CPRC, Owner of Silvers Systems Inc. and FRSA Director of Technical Services   Changes in roofing underlayment requirements have evolved in dramatic ways over the last several decades, particularly when it comes to tile ... Read More

Introducing the 7th Edition FRSA-TRI Tile Manual Fri, Apr 07, 2023 Manny Oyola, Jr., Technical Manager, Eastern USA, Eagle Roofing Products   After a few years of concerted effort by dedicated FRSA and TRI Alliance volunteers, the 7th Edition Florida High Wind Concrete and Clay Tile Installation&nbs... Read More

Selecting the Right Fastener of Resist Corrosion Tue, Mar 28, 2023 Josh Krohn, Engineering Services Manager, Triangle Fastener Corp. Since a completely corrosion free fastener does not exist, select a fastener that is as durable as the members it is fastening. Corrosion can be placed into two categories,... Read More

Benefits of Roof Coatings Mon, Mar 27, 2023 R.M Lucas Inc., and the Roof Coating Manufacturers Association Roof coatings are applied to low slope roofs on residential, commercial and industrial buildings to extend the life of a roof by preventing water, chemical or physical damage, ... Read More

Current and Coming Changes to the "25% Rule" Fri, Mar 24, 2023 Mike Silvers, CPRC, Silvers Systems Inc., and FRSA Director of Technical Services Recently, the Florida Legislature, as part of SB-4D, added an exception to the sections of the Florida Building Code (FBC) which are often referred to as&nbs... Read More

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