Making Roof Debris Removal More Efficient, Safer and Cleaner

Fri, May 17, 2024 at 7:05AM

Picture 2Built From Experience

Invented by a large commercial roofing contractor, the Trash Rocket is manufactured by Rocket Equipment in Omaha, NE and is changing how roofing projects are completed. The Trash Rocket is a commercial-grade trailer-mounted debris chute that can be easily towed with a pickup, parked and set up by a single operator in 10 to 15 minutes. The simple, easy-to-use design includes a battery-powered hydraulic lift, durable aluminum construction and a strong UHMW polypropylene liner. The Trash Rocket can be used on any roof type and handles a variety of roofing materials.

A New Way of Thinking

Removing trash and debris from a roof should be the least of your concerns. Many projects have extensive landscaping and an uneven grade, making it difficult to set up a temporary trash chute or dumpster at the edge of the building. Utilizing a crane or material handler can be costly and requires the presence of a skilled operator. The Trash Rocket reaches up and over obstacles while keeping debris contained and moving safely into the dumpster.

Proven Performance in the Field

In Florida, the Trash Rocket is frequently deployed on sizeable multi-family housing projects. With many homes in Florida having concrete tile and slate roofs, debris removal can become complicated and highly labor-intensive. Property Managers and HOA Boards appreciate how the Trash Rocket helps protect neighborhood landscaping and property while providing crews with safe access to buildings.

Tailored Solutions for Every ProjectRocket

Rocket Equipment currently offers two Trash Rocket models: the TR-3000 and the TR-5000. Both models feature an articulated lift and fold-away hitch. The articulated arm on each unit rotates for flexible set-up positions. The TR-3000 has a single-axle trailer that is only 14’ 10” long while still reaching up to 30 feet high. The TR-5000 has a double-axle trailer that is 23’ 6” long, allowing for a maximum reach of over 50 feet. Both models offer uniquely flexible solutions for different project types and sizes. Whether your business focuses on commercial or residential, there is a Trash Rocket to suit your needs.


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