Not all Metal Roofs are Created Equal

Fri, May 17, 2024 at 7:00AM

The importance of choosing the right metal roof for the Florida Market

Florida is a Coastal State

PremierFlorida has 1,350 miles of coastline, by far the most of any of the lower 48 states. This means we have a larger coastal population than any other state. It is important to understand which metal roofs have a warranty when close to the coast and which don’t. It’s also important to have that conversation with potential customers early in the sales process. Galvalume, a steel substrate with a zinc/aluminum coating – and one of the most common metal roof materials used today – has developed a reputation for being a lifetime roof away from the coast but doesn’t have a warranty “in coastal environments.” This is generally interpreted as 1500 feet from salt water. To get a corrosion warranty for waterfront homes, you should choose an aluminum panel with a baked-on PVDF finish or a product such as GalvaMAX, a proprietary product from Premier Metal Roof Manufacturing, designed specifically for coastal applications.

Florida is the Sunshine State (good for beaches, bad for color fading)

While our sunshine attracts people from all over the country, the combination of UV exposure, humidity and salt in the air means that Florida has the harshest environment for roofs. In fact, the major companies that provide paint for the metal roofing industry have facilities in Florida, where they test the longevity and fade resistance of their finishes. Premier Metal Roof Manufacturing uses only the highest quality Sherwin-Williams paint finishes to ensure the absolute best in color-retention and our warranties are the best in the industry. WeatherXL finishes use the latest in SMP innovation and, to achieve the optimal in color retention, use the Fluropon finish (known as Kynar500/Hylar5000). No manufacturer in the state has the combination of ultra-quick turn-around times for delivery and more stocked colors of Kynar500 than Premier Metal.

Premier logoMetal is the Future

As the past seasons of hurricanes have proven, no roof withstands Florida’s weather as well as metal roofs do. Because of this, more and more homeowners are insisting on metal. Make sure you are the “metal roof experts” in your area and take full advantage of this trend. If you need training on installation, Premier Metal Roofing offers MetalMasterPro and the industry’s best hands-on installation and sales course. Stop by Premier’s booth 235 at the FRSA Expo.


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