DuPont Tile Bond Roof Adhesive

Tue, May 14, 2024 at 8:20AM

Strength on any job.Tile Bond

DuPont Tile Bond

  • Miami-Dade County approved
  • Florida Building Code approved
  • Hurricane-zone qualified
  • Texas DOI approved
  • OK on wet surfaces
  • Always on-ratio
  • No calibration required
  • No external power required
  • No cleanup or equipment maintenance
  • Up to 350 field tiles per 23 lb. tank
  • Zero ozone-depletion potential


DuPont Tile Bond Roof Tile Adhesive is an exceptional solution for installing roof tile. Not only does it go on fast and easy — it stays strong, even in harsh environments where hurricanes, high winds and temperature extremes put systems to the test.

Adhesive vs Mechanical Fasteners

Avoid the “chatter” of mechanically attached tiles by using Tile Bond Roof Tile Adhesive, reducing the potential for wind to get under tiles and pull them off the roof. This gives homeowners an extra level of comfort that their roof is secure in high winds.

Wet Surfaces are No Problem

Tile Bond is moisture cured, so wet surfaces (like morning dew or a fresh rain) are not an issue. This means early crews can beat the heat and also get back to work quickly after it rains, helping to reduce the time needed to complete a job.

No Calibration is Needed, Always on Ratio

Each Tile Bond tank’s ratio and pressure are perfectly set at the factory and is ready to apply once shaken for 15-20 seconds.

Self-Contained KitsDupont

Every Tile Bond kit contains everything you need to apply the foam: an 8’ gun hose assembly, a complete installation manual and the wrench needed to tighten the hose to the tank. There is no need for spare parts, cleaning solvents or other equipment. The kits are small, lightweight and easy to carry right to the job.

Easy to Start and Restart

The kits start up easily – simply shake the tank, attach the gun hose assembly and open the valve. Shutdown is a breeze, just close the valve on the tank. A small

amount of foam cures in the tip of the nozzle which seals the hose and protects the product. To restart, give the nozzle a quarter turn to remove, push the small amount of cured foam out of the nozzle and reattach the nozzle. Shake the tank, open the valve and apply foam.

Tile Bond 2We Have You Covered with Product Approvals

The upgraded Tile Bond uplift values now meet over 99.9% of the requirements across Florida and the increased uplift requirements of the 2023 Florida Building Code. Tile Bond has Florida Building Code approval both inside and outside the HVHZ (Miami-Dade and Broward counties) and is listed in popular Miami-Dade tile NOA’s (Notice of Acceptance).

Competitive Installed Cost per Square

The theoretical yield of Tile Bond is 350 tiles per tank or just over four squares. Typical yield may be somewhere between three and four squares per tank, making it competitive with other adhesive options. DuPont provides onsite certification training and technical support to roofers in Florida in both English and Spanish.

For more information about Tile Bond or any other DuPont product, call 866-583-2583 or visit


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