Atlas Shingles Offer Innovation and Ultimate Protection

Tue, May 14, 2024 at 8:10AM

AtlasAtlas Roofing Corporation continues to stand out with their commitment to research and development, securing the position at the forefront of shingle technology. This journey isn’t just about creating roofing materials: it’s about providing practical roofing solutions with both contractors and their customers in mind. Atlas shingles distinguish themselves with industry leading algae resistance and additional unique characteristics. For contractors, Atlas’ innovation offers ultimate durability with greater ease of installation and less waste, significantly reducing labor time and material costs.

What Makes Atlas Shingles Unique?

Pro-Cut HP42 Technology: This 42” shingle allows for a 6” offset with zero waste. A four-nail installation is sufficient to create a 130-mph wind protection, unless a six-nail installation is required by code.

Pro-Cut HP42 Starter Strip: A perforated 42” starter strip where one shingle yields two 8” x 42” starter shingles, leading to faster installation, more coverage per shingle and reduced waste.

FASTAC Double Sealant Line: Prevents wind uplift of the installed shingle, with the second sealant line strategically placed for an enhanced nailing zone.

Sweet Spot Nailing Area: A 1½” nailing area, makes Atlas shingles one of the industry’s largest common bond. The Sweet Spot Nailing Area allows for faster installation and greater protection for your wind warranty.

3M Shingle Technology

Atlas has revolutionized its shingles by incorporating groundbreaking 3M technology, creating a more sustainable and durable product. These advancements also ensure the integrity and appearance of roofs over time, guaranteeing lasting beauty that homeowners appreciate.

3M Scotchgard Shingle Protector: Prevents ugly black streaks caused by algae, maintaining the roof’s aesthetic appeal.

3M Cool Roofing Technology: Reflects sunlight and absorbs less heat for cooler home interiors and reduced energy costs.

3M Smog-Reducing Technology: When activated by sunlight, the granules transform smog into water-
soluble ions, helping to remove pollutants and improve air quality.

HouseThe Atlas Difference

Atlas shingles are the premier choice in the marketplace, engineered to address the demands of both contractors and homeowners. Explore the innovative family of Class 3 and Class 4 shingles and see the transformative effect they can have on your projects. Scan the QR code below for more information on Atlas Roofing products or to connect with a local Atlas representative.


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