Brian Swope, CPRC, 2021 Life Member - September 2021

Sat, Nov 20, 2021 at 8:25AM

Additional requirements include having served as an FRSA President and having been involved in roofing for at least 25 years. FRSA Past President, Brian Swope, CPRC more than qualifies for this honor.

Brian is a fourth-generation roofing professional who also holds a general contractor license. He has had the benefit of many decades of family achievement to build upon and years of experience to call on when needed, a fact he is well aware of and appreciates. Brian has also earned FRSA’s Certified Professional Roofing Contractor (CPRC) designation, one of only 49 in the industry.

Brian attended North Carolina State and graduated from Ole Miss compliments of a golf scholarship. Although he would have preferred to live life as a golf professional, roofing was in his blood. He attended FRSA Conventions, participated in Kids’ Programs and grew up involved in both FRSA and NRCA. Read more

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