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FRSA - Florida's Association of Roofing Professionals

FRSA is an association of roofing, sheet metal and air conditioning contractors and industry-related companies including manufacturers, suppliers, manufacturers' representatives, roofing consultants and others. Over the past 102 years, FRSA has developed many programs and services which are available to FRSA members. FRSA maintains its status as a progressive association of members with similar interests and purpose. The FRSA Board of Directors and a number of standing and special committees work on various programs and projects while constantly developing or assessing new ones. The success of the organization is due to the active involvement of so many members.

What is the Association's purpose?

The purpose of the FRSA is to foster and encourage a high standard of business ethics among members and inform the public of the importance of doing business with Florida certified licensed and insured roofing professionals. Additionally, the Association seeks to improve the quality of the industries it represents through research, education and certification. FRSA also strives to provide assistance in the cooperative purchasing of insurance, financial services and other products and services designated by the Board of Directors.

The Association represents the interest of the members before government and code regulatory bodies and strives to improve the industry.

How is FRSA organized?

FRSA is a non-profit trade association which operates in accordance with Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. The Association owns and operates the FRSA Services Corporation. The primary program of this for-profit subsidiary corporation is the publishing of Florida Roofing Magazine.

The Association also provides all administrative support for the FRSA Educational and Research Foundation. This foundation is a tax exempt foundation which operates under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. The Foundation is responsible for developing and implementing various educational and training programs and providing funding for research and scholarships which benefit the construction industry.

FRSA is the sponsoring organization for the FRSA Self Insurers Fund for Workers' Compensation Insurance. The FRSA-SIF is an entirely separate Florida Trust which operates under the rules of the Florida Department of Insurance. Companies desiring to purchase workers' compensation insurance through the FRSA-SIF are required to maintain FRSA membership.

FRSA is also the sponsoring organization for the FRSA Credit Union. The Credit Union is a state-chartered, federally-regulated, member-owned cooperative through which members may save and borrow money at competitive rates. They also have a roof loan program for members to offer their customers.

How Is FRSA Governed?

FRSA is governed by an elected Board of Directors composed of members from the Association's eight membership districts. Thirty-three Directors are elected for three-year terms by the FRSA membership during the annual meetings. Others are elected by local affiliate organizations for one-year terms. Finally, up to four Directors may be appointed by the FRSA President for one-year terms.

The Board of Directors normally meets three times each year in locations throughout Florida. Meetings of the Board are usually proceeded by meetings of various FRSA Committees.

The FRSA Executive Committee is responsible for governing the Association between meetings of the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee is composed of the President, President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer and Immediate Past President. All of these officers are elected by the FRSA membership during the annual membership meeting held during the annual convention.

What other professionals are used by FRSA?

The General Counsel for FRSA is Trent Cotney, Adams and Reese LLP. The Association uses the professional services of Certified Public Accountants Schafer & Mitchell, P.A. in Orlando to prepare annual audited financial statements and prepare its tax returns. Orlando attorney, Chris Dawson, GrayRobinson, serves as the organization's year-round Legislative Counsel in Tallahassee.

What is FRSA's relationship with other trade associations?

FRSA is a charter member of the Florida Construction Coalition which is comprised of the main construction contracting associations in Florida including the Associated General Contractors, Associated Builders and Contractors, Florida Home Builders Association, Florida Transportation Builders and the Florida Underground Utilities Association.

FRSA currently recognizes 12 local roofing and sheet metal associations as Affiliate members. These local groups are located in most of the major metropolitan areas of the state. As FRSA Affiliate members, each is entitled to representation on the FRSA Board of Directors by one of their members. This director and the president of the Affiliate serve on the FRSA Affiliate Council which meets during quarterly Board meetings.

FRSA maintains excellent communication with National organizations including the National Roofing Contractors Association, Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association, Single Ply Roofing Institute and the Tile Roofing Industry Alliance. 

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