New Hire Checklist and Company Handbook - December 2020

Sun, Dec 20, 2020

We asked Seay Management Consultants to create a Human Resources Checklist that helps ensure you implement "best practices" in terms of policies, procedures, manuals and documents to hire and retain employees and motivate them to excel. The following are recommended areas of focus as we move into a new year. 

Review Application and New Hire Packet Ensure your hiring procedures are compliant with applicable regulations.
■ All applicants must fill out an application form and sign it. Incorrect information provided on the application form can be immediate grounds for termination.
■ Remove request for a social security number on the application form.
■ Some states and localities have restricted employers from inquiring about a candidate’s compensation history.
■ “Ban the Box” regulations in several states and municipal areas prohibit having questions on the application pertaining to criminal backgrounds or records.
■ Keep background check authorization documents separate from the application form.
■ Include a job description in your new hire packet for signature and acknowledgement of expected job duties.
■ Written authorization for any deductions should be contained in the new hire packet. Remember, employers are not permitted to deduct from an employee’s pay without advanced written authorization, in compliance with FLSA regulations.

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