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How did it get started?

Tag & Stick, LLC was born from an idea that there had to be a better way. The principals of Tag & Stick have been in the roofing industry for over 25 years with both experience as a roofing contractor and a roofing products manufacturer. When the self-adhered underlayment market started to develop in Florida, it became apparent to us that the self-adhered underlayments were here to stay. As the market grew so did the problems. We found that the existing self-adhered manufacturers knew they had some issues with their products, but no solutions to the problems. We as a large roofing contractor experienced that the self-adhered underlayments stuck really good to the decking or lacked adequate adhesion from moisture, dust or other containments. Both of these issues created short term and long term problems for the roofing contractor and/or building owner. Obviously, poor adhesion is an immediate problem and generally required that the existing material be replaced with new and that the underlying problem be corrected. The longer term problem, really good adhesion, is generally left for the building owner to deal with in the future. The problem is when the roof is re-roofed and the underlayment is removed, the sheathing tends to delaminate due to the good adhesion. Pieces of the sheathing are ripped from the decking material when the self-adhered underlayment is removed. Damaged sheathing will have an impact on the structural integrity of the structure. In some cases the sheathing may have to be replaced due to the delamination. The cost of re-sheathing the structure may exceed the cost of the re-roof. From the problems stated above we believed there was a better way, so we came up with a patented solution thus creating Tag & Stick.