RCASF - “Managing a Successful Roofing Company” with John Kenney


Event Description

“Managing a Successful Roofing Company” with John Kenney, CPRC, CEO, Cotney Consulting Group.  Discuss strategies to keep your business from failing, Understand lethal issues that affect the company’s bottom line, Ideas for Proper Planning and Controls.

Discuss the methods of managing a successful roofing company and the opportunities, struggles, and successes many companies may encounter. "Understanding why roofing businesses can lose money is the best way to prevent that situation. The decisions and events that precede the failure of a contracting business can be categorized and quantified into a group of common causes."  John Kenney has identified five recurring and industry-wide risk elements to potential profit or failure. These common aspects of business failure are: 1. Increase in project size, 2. Unfamiliarity with new geographic locations, 3. New and unfamiliar types of installations and services, 4. Changes in key personnel, 5. Lack of managerial maturity.