Quality Control Inspector 1-27-21


Advanced Roofing has been in business since 1983, growing steadily on our overriding "Commitment to Quality” which has made us the #1 commercial re-roofing company in Florida. We’re currently seeking a Quality Control Inspector to perform jobsite quality evaluations in Orlando and Tampa areas. Salary negotiable based on experience.

Department: Quality Control/Quality Assurance

Principle responsibilities:

Perform Jobsite Quality Control inspections for sites in Tampa to Orlando.
Drive to and from construction sites throughout the area.
Enforce current Advanced Roofing, NRCA, and Florida Building Code standards in regards to roofing installation.
Inspect roof installation to assure that work performed conforms to project specifications.
Probe and inspect seams of roof system to assure that roof system is properly sealed weather tight and per roofing manufacturer’s requirements.
Observe ongoing roofing installation to assure that installation methods are per Advanced Roofing, roofing manufacturer and industry standard requirements.
Observe and review roofing projects to assure that the site is maintained to be clean, safe, and orderly.
Observe roofing projects to assure that equipment being used is properly maintained, used, and stored at site.
Observe roofing projects to assure that materials are properly handle and stored on site.
Communicate with construction managers and foremen in regards to any deficiencies that might be noted so that expedient resolution can be achieved.
Document remediation of deficiencies with photographic report.
Prepare and issue detailed photographic reports of daily site inspections.
Log names of foremen and technicians that are performing work that is noteworthy ( exceptional or sub-par)

To apply: https://www.advancedroofing.com/contact-us/employment


Based on Experience


Advanced Roofing, established in 1983, is the largest commercial re-roofer in Florida, 10th largest in the country and has a consistent reputation for top-quality work. We are a drug free work place and offer competitive compensation, paid holidays, 401k and health insurance.


Bachelor’s degree preferred




Training, Skills, Knowledge and or Experience (R=Required, P=Preferred):
A minimum of two years’ experience in the field of commercial roofing installation/operations (R)
Bilingual English and Spanish (P)
Capacity to be proactive and effectively communicate with and influence others(R)
Must have a driver’s license with a clean driving record (R)
OSHA 10 Hour or Basic Knowledge of Construction Safety (P)
Possess strong computer skills MS Office (R)
Physical Requirements:
Need to withstand demands of extreme weather conditions and high temperatures
Need to be physically fit and able to lift more than 50 lbs., frequently bending over when necessary
Must be able to climb ladders to access a roof (Extension, Fixed, etc.)

Drug Free Workplace?


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