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FRSA Online Continuing Education


Through a partnership with AAA Construction School, the FRSA Educational & Research Foundation offers members a variety of online continuing education courses at a discounted price.

This partnership allows the Foundation to continue in its goal for "Industry Excellence through Education" by reaching a wide range of contractors throughout the State of Florida with affordable and quality online learning programs.


All courses are State Approved by the Construction Industry Licensing Board. You can take these courses at your convenience. Get interrupted? Pause and save and resume later where you left off.

Audio Courses: These courses have an audio soundtrack; reading is optional. You can just sit back, listen and enjoy. View from your Computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Automatic Submission to the State: At 8:00 a.m. the morning following your completion of the course your results will be submitted to the State. Your results may take 5-10 business days before they appear on the DBPR website.  Hours will be submitted under AAA Construction School's Course Provider #.

Complete Online Continuing Education
All 14 Hours - 

State Course CE# 0613003

This course meets the requirements for ALL TRADES and is our Best Buy. Finish all 14 hours in one simple step! No other course offered has a lower cost per hour value. Includes pool requirements. Buy Now 


Single Hour Courses - AAA Construction School Seminars

Do you already have some Continuing Education credits but need a few more hours to reach the 14 hour mark?


A Great Florida Statute (G) - $14.25

State Course CE# 0612851

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Accessibility Basics (G) - $14.25

State Course CE# 0613006

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Advanced 2017 Florida Building Code,
Building Summary (ADV)
- $14.25

State Course CE# 0612572

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Advanced Navigation into Florida Product Approval (G) - $14.25

State Course CE# 0622068

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Business Choices (BSP) - $14.25

State Course CE# 0612853

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Electrical Safety 101 (G) - $14.25

State Course CE# 0612845

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Florida Administrative Code 61G4 (L&R) - $14.25

State Course CE# 0609088

What you need to know to run a Construction Business. Fulfills the Mandatory requirement: Laws and Rules (L&R). Buy Now


Getting Your Money (G) - $14.25

State Course CE# 0612847

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Keeping Good Credit (G) - $14.25

State Course CE# 0612850

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Pool Electrical Requirements (G) - $14.25

State Course CE# 0613003

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Stop the Falls (G) - $14.25

State Course CE# 0612848

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Sunshine 811 - Call Before You Dig (G) - $14.25

State Course CE# 0612859

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Wind Mitigation Hour (G) - $14.25

State Course CE# 0612852

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Workers' Compensation 101 (G) - $14.25

State Course CE #0623846

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The courses below are for Contractors who are also Home Inspectors

Mandatory Hours and 8 Building - $59

State Course CE #611236 

Provides all 14 hours for a Contractor and 12 (G) hours for a Home Inspector. 

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Home Inspection Hurricane Mitigation - $39

State Course CE #0000516

Course provides 2 Mandatory Hours for a Home Inspector. 

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All online courses are offered by FRSA in partnership
with AAA Construction School, Inc.